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Title: Effects of 8-Week Endurance Exercise on Cholesterol & Triglycerides in Male Rates
Authors: Behrooz Yazdani; Mehrdad Fathi; Esmat Doosti; Reza Arian Shakib; Reyhaneh Naghsh Zan Khajuee
Aff: Department of physical Education, Central Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran
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Keywords: Plasma Triglycerides;Immune Systems;Physical Activities;Hypothesis Test;Repeated Measurements;Plasma Cholesterol
Abstract:These decades study about immunology & hormone are developed by sport science researchers & also based on existence of meaningful interactions among immune systems & hormone & effects of activities, person influenced by hormonal & safety changes, so the researchers decided to study about interaction among their systems & changes & then physical activities which they are profitable & useful for athletes’ & people’s healthy Method:Variables measured in the exercise and control groups were compared and then the descriptive and inferential statistics were used to analyse the hypothesis test. Natural distribution of data measured by the Kolmogorov Simonov test, and the statistical analysis of the data performed using the software SPSS version 16 by the ANOVA test through repeated measurements based on the normal distribution. To compare variables between the two groups of the t test was used. The significant level for all calculations was considered as p <0.05. Finding:Finding of showed the amount of “t” & meaningful level in dependent t-test cannot decline the zero hypothesis, so there is not meaningful effects of 8-week endurance exercise on plasma cholesterol in rates And the amount of “t” & meaningful level in dependent t-test cannot decline the zero hypothesis, so, 8-week endurance exercise don’t have meaningful effects on plasma triglyceride in male rates (P=0.05). Discussion. Other result of this research is about plasma triglycerides changes in male rates, but don’t report anything about it