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Title: Simultaneous Simulation of both Surface and Groundwater Resources Using System Dynamics Approach (Case Study: Taleghan Dam)
Authors: A.F. Abdolvandi; S.S. Eslamian; M. Heidarpour; Hossein Babazadeh; Armaghanparsamehr
Aff: Faculty of Watering Science and Engineering Department, Science and esearch Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran
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Keywords: System Dynamics,Surface and Groundwater Resources,Vensim,Simultaneous Simulation
Abstract:The method of system dynamics, derived from systematic thinking, is a useful tool in management and planning. Simultaneous study of the surface and groundwater of a region aids the proper exploitation of the water resources of the region. In the current research, by investigating Taleghandam(Iran) using the system dynamics approach, the effects of dam construction on sustainability and groundwater resources control as well as their operation management approach is studied. Furthermore, due to the increasing demand for drinking water in Tehran province, the potential drinking water withdrawal from the Taleghan dam in the future and its effects on providing other regional demands was observed. Therefore, as a result of this study, a practical model was created that could be used for any place in the world having similar conditions to that of the investigated region here, only by changing the input data to that of the desired region. In addition, management scenario can help the sustainability of the water resources either by increasing the irrigation efficiency of the region or by proper economic saving. Three indices(vulnerability, sustainability and reliability) were calculated for each of the four scenarios. The results are presented in this paper.