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Title: Identification of Conserved Domains and Motifs for TaWdhn13 Gene in Triticum Aestivum by in Silico Analysis
Authors: Hassan Rasouli; Danial Kahrizi; Parivash Ghadernia
Aff: Agronomy and Plant Breeding and Biotechnology Department (APBBD), College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Razi University, Kermanshah, Iran.
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Keywords: TaWdhn13; Conserved Domain Data Base (CDD); DNA Motif Searching Database (DMSD); Triticum aestivum L
Abstract:TaWdhn13 gene has a crucial role as the cold-acclimation process in the wheat. TaWdhn13 gene is transcriptionally activated and produces the accumulated proteins and metabolites and protection cell structure from freezing damage. The sequence of TaWdhn13 gene (AC: AB297677) has been downloaded from NCBI database and via Conserved Domain Database (CDD) and DNA Motif Searching Database (DMSD), the conserved domains and motif has been recognized. The results showed TaWdhn13 conserved domain incudes: Dehydrin superfamily. Also, motifs structure for this gene includes: 2FE2S_FER_1 Motif, INTEGRIN_BETA Motif, CTCK_1 Motif, ANAPHYLATOXIN_1 Motif, AGOUTI_1 Motif, IGFBP_N_1 Motif, VWFC_1 Motif, EGF_1 Motif and DEFENSIN Motif