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Title: Determination of Atropine, Hyoscine and Rutin Content of Henbane Seeds from Different Regions in Iran
Authors: Atena Alaghemand; Mansour Ghorbanpour; Behnaz Moghaddasian
Aff: Department of Medicinal Plants, Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Arak University, Arak, 38156- 8-8349, Iran.
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Keywords: Hyoscyamus Niger; Tropane Alkaloid; Flavonoid; Hyoscine; Atropine; Rutin
Abstract:Seeds of plants belonging to Solanaceae family like hyoscyamus niger are well known for their alkaloidal secondary metabolites, but there also exists some non-alkaloidal ccmpounds like flavonoids, which are less explored. The purpose of the present study was to determine the content of tropane alkaloids including hyoscine and atropine as well as rutin content of black henbane seeds, which were collected from three different regions of Iran (Kermanshah, Kandovan and Karaj, 2200, 1900 and 1300 meter above sea level, respectively). Determination of alkaloids and rutin content were performed by the GC/MS and HPLC methods, respectively. All seeds from the three mentioned collection sites contained hyoscine, atropine and rutin in different amounts. The highest and the lowest hyoscine content (0.77 and 0.057 g.g dw) were obtained at 1300 and 1900 m altitude, respectively. Also, seed atropine content was showed the same trend to altitude as hyoscine content. Hyoscine was the predominant tropane alkaloid in seeds of black henbane, while this sample contains a low amount of rutin. The seed rutin content was increased with the increase of altitude, i.e., the high value of rutin content (25.76 g.g dw) was observed at 2200 m altitude above sea level.