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Title: Analyzing the Relationship between the Family Population and Single Parenting with the Domestic Violence against Children
Authors: Parvin Ganji; Behzadhakiminia; Mahmoud Yaghoubi Doust
Aff: student of Sociology, Academy of Sciences ,Tajikistan
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Keywords: Domestic Violence; Family Population; Single Parenting; Child Abuse
Abstract:this study is mainly aimed at analyzing the relationship between the family population, single parenting, and the domestic violence against the children in Ahwaz. It is a survey research, which is done by a questionnaire, randomly in Ahwaz. The population was all the male and female students studying at high school, who were 384 in total selecting by the cluster sampling method and were calculated by the Cochran Formula. To collect data the CTQ questionnaire (Child Trauma Questionnaire), (Berenstain, 1995) and the population questionnaire were used. Such statistical indicators as the percentage, mean, standard deviation (SD), Pearson correlation coefficient, t-test, regression analysis were used to analyze the data. The results showed that there is a significant negative correlation between the family population and parentsí violence against children. However, there isnít any significant correlation between single parenting with the parentsí violence against children.