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Title: Effective Investment Management
Authors: Eltefat Vazifeh Damirchi; Aliyov(mahdi Oglu); Mahabbat Mammadov Ashir; Aliasgaraliyov(mahdi Oglu)
Aff: Khalkhal Branch, Islamic Azad University, khalkhal, Iran.
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Keywords: Factual or Informational Premises; Expectational Premises; Valuational Premises; Investment; Speculation; Gambling
Abstract:This paper is comprised of different parts and a conclusion. The main focus of the paper is on ‘investment’. This word has many interpretations. The first one is economic investment that is economists definition of investment the second one is investment in a more general or extended sense and the third one is the sense in which we are going to be very much interested ,namely ,financial investment. These types of investments are briefly reviewed in this paper.