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Title: Individual Social Responsibility a Platform for Intellectual Property Rights: Iranian Users of CDs Case
Authors: Ebrahim Moeini; Mahmonir Bayanati; Saed Besharati Givi; Shahin Soheili
Aff: Research Institute for Technological Development Studies, Iran
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Keywords: Intellectual Property Rights (IPR); Individual Social Responsibility (ISR).
Abstract:Intellectual property (IP) refers to creations of the mind and each mind has its own belief and thought, so intellectual property rights are developed in order to support the creations of the mind and this article also argue that each individual is responsible for supporting innovators. This article tries to find the relationship between ISR(individual social responsibility) and paying for Original CDs in Iranian users and also relationship between ISR and promoting other users to pay for original CDs in Iran. So we gathered the opinions of 370 users of CDs in Iran, in order to find the relationship between ISR and using original CDs in Iranian users. As a result we find that individual social responsibility affects the users and guide them to consider intellectual property rights