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Title: Factors Influencing Job Satisfaction and its Relationship with Organizational Commitment in Department of Justice in Ardebil Province
Authors: Kamal Isapur; Yaser Hamedi; Hassan Faghihabdollahi; Milad Mohammadi
Aff: Khalkhal branch, Islamic Azad university, Khalkhal, Iran.
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Keywords: Job Satisfaction; Organization Commitment; Autonomy; Socialization; Role Ambiguity; Role Conflict; Administration of Justice in Ardebil Province
Abstract:The purpose of this study is factors influencing job satisfaction and its relationship with organizational commitment in department of justice in Ardebil province. Materials and method is type of applied-descriptive research and tries to examine the impact on job satisfaction and organizational commitment in department of justice in Ardabil province. Research is a one-year period and is from early 1391 until the end of 1391 and data collected during inventory is from July to the end of September and that population are all employees of department of justice in Ardebil province and its number are 600. Sampling in this study is simple random sampling that 235 subjects were selected based on Cochran formula. To analyze the data, were used the descriptive-analytical statistics based on research hypothesis. The results of the data shows that job satisfaction have a relationship with organization commitment. Increase job satisfaction increases the organizational commitment.