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Title: A Study on Assertiveness Level of College Students who are Doing Orienteering Sports
Authors: Zeki Coskuner; Bilal «oban; YŁksel Savucu; Atalay Gacar; Eyyup GenÁ
Aff: Department of Physical Education and Sports, Fżrat University, Turkey
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Keywords: Orienteering Sports; Assertiveness Level; College Students
Abstract:In essence, Assertiveness is an inclination to undertake new and daring enterprises. Namely, itís the trait of being adventurous. Assertiveness is an important aspect of communication with others, and itís also a decisive factor of getting engage with people. In this study, itís aimed to study Assertiveness level of college students who is doing Orienteering Sports in terms of some variables. This study is carried out will a survey of 7 questions regarding studentsí personal information and Rathusí Assertiveness Schedule which contents 30 questions. This study is carried out in Balikesir, Turkey during College Orienteering Sports Olympics. 192 males and 68 females (Total of 260) college students volunteered to participate with the research. Collected data is analyzed with SPSS distribution of frequency, arithmetic sequence and T-Test. Error rate in this study assumed as 0, 5.According to the study, college students who are involved with Orienteering Sports have Assertiveness level of middle, high or highest level as stated by 260 of the participants. Also, it is found that malesí assertiveness level is higher compared to female participants. Besides, students with ages to have higher assertiveness levels. Study also shows that where students come from makes no difference in terms of assertiveness level. As a result, it has been found that students involved in Orienteering Sports have higher assertiveness level and their previous sports history also contributes in a positive way