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Title: Effects of Tillage Intensity and Tractor Traffic on Soil Compaction in Potato Yieldin North of Khuzestan, Iran
Authors: Amin Reza jamshidi; Morteza Almassi; Saeid Minaei; Kazem Jafari Naemi
Aff: Department of Agricultural Mechanization, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran.
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Keywords: Bulk Density; Potato; Cone Index; Soil Compaction; Cyclotiller
Abstract:This study investigated the effects ofconservation tillage on soil aggregate characteristics. Three tillage systems on used for cyclotiller (speed of rotation cyclotiller ): (a) 150 rpm, 200 rpm and 250 rpm, to the depth of 200mm. The experimental design was a split–split plot based on randomized completely block design with three replicates are growing season of 2011and 2012. The three soil water content (W) as main plots, three tillage system (TI) as split plots, and three tractor passages (P) for implement as split–split plots. Each plot size was 3m × 15 m. The experimental sites were moldboard each year for winter the crop rotation was canola for 2 years prior to current study. The study was carried out in Khuzestan IAUshoushtar branch, in 2012. For evaluation the sources of variation, different traits including, Bulk density (BD), Cone index (CI) in different depth of soil (0-10, 10-20, 20-30 cm) as well as potato yield were measured. According to the result of analysis of variance, increasing of speed of rotation cyclotiller, tractor passes and use appropriate of bladespeed cyclotiller can significantly, increased BD, CD in all three mentioned depths and finally can decreased potato yield. Finally, according to the result that, use tractor type Massey Ferguson 399 with the travel speed of 4.5 kmh-1 and 3 time passes during the growing season with average 23 tha-1 potato yield had the best yield, And its yield compare to speed of rotation with 200 rpm best to maintain soil structure and minimum compaction was chosen.