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Title: Evaluation of Mental and Behavioral Symptoms in Women with Premenstrual Syndrome
Authors: Tadayyoni G.; Shoraka E.; Razeghi M.; Rahmanian A.K.
Aff: Psychiatrist, Fars Psychiatric Association, Doctor Beheshti Hospital, Shiraz, Iran.
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Keywords: Premenstrual Syndrome; Age; Behavioral Symptoms; Psychological Symptoms.
Abstract:Premenstrual syndrome includes either a set of noxious changes such as physical, psychological or behavioral changes in menstrual cycle (luteal phase).The severity of these changes results in disturbance in normal activities and inter-personal relationship.This study analyses the syndrome, prevalence and also most common psychological features in 15-45 years old women. Method: The numbers of 280 women (15- 45 years old) were investigated among common people randomly including the information to study premenstrual syndrome features.Questioned factors were PMS psychological symptoms(anxiety, nervousness, aggression) and correlation between age and Premenstrual syndrome. The data were investigated by statistical software SPSS 18 version. Results: The prevalence of psychological symptoms was 13.5% and the PMS prevalence 66.1% in this study.The most common psychological features of this syndrome are among all of age groups including nervousness(82.5%), anxiety (75.7%) and oral aggression (72.0%).Also the rate of PMDD is higher in lower age groups (P<0.001). Also the severity of PMS is decreased by increasing marriage age (P=0.043). Conclusion:According to present study results, it should be mentioned that the most common psychological symptoms of PMS include nervousness, anxiety, and oral aggression. These psychological symptoms have high percentage among studying population. So the determination of the risk factors and family member's knowledge about these symptoms could prevent many social and family problems