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Title: Survey Comparative and Competitive AdvantageAnd Determine Investment Priorities in Mazandaran Province Based on Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process
Authors: Abolghasem Esnaashari Amiri
Aff: Department of Economics, Payame Noor University, Iran
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Keywords: Mazandaran Province; Competitive and Comparative Advantage; Investment; Ranking; Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process (FAHP)
Abstract:Cognition the competitive and comparative advantage for correct policy in guidance scarce economic resources to efficient sectors, it is necessary to achieve economic development and it makes up the basis growth planning. For this purpose, cognition the competitive and comparative advantage for correct policy is the requirements of the country. A true picture of the economic situation in Mazandaran province using scientific and quantitative indicators, investment opportunities will optimize not only the county, but the short-term and long-term effects they will insure. In this regard, this study examines the competitive and comparative advantage priorities of investment in the Mazandaran province examines their ranking. In this research the literature and research on the issue and also the research study, the main variables are identified. Data has been collected for the evaluation and measurement of variables from statistical Center of Iran, and organizations of different economic sectors and Using a questionnaire based on Likert scale equal. Indicators to help prioritize and emphasis on competitive advantage and has been identified using ISIC three-digit code number nine businesses that were among the 21 highest rated business. Then, with an expert questionnaire (Questionnaire II), the top economic experts about 9 activity was obtained based on FAHP model. The use of Expert Choice software and according to the second questionnaire (FAHP) couple is discussed and has prioritized investment in the Mazandaran province. The results show that the Mazandaran province administrative activities and services, construction, manufacturing, transportation and warehousing, and a competitive advantage based on the priorities for investment in the first to fourth priority.