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Title: Are Women a Blessing or a Curse? a Case Study of Socio-Economic Factors Affecting Women's Income in Kurdistan
Authors: Seid Hessam-aldin Hedayatzadeh
Aff: Department of Management, Faculty of Humanities, Urmia University, Urmia, Iran
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Keywords: Socioeconomic Development; Gender Inequity; Women's Income; Women's Employment; Women's Human Rights; Kurdistan
Abstract:Undoubtedly the socioeconomic development of each and every country is dependent on its human resources and work force. The more skilled and professional the human resources of a society are, the higher the efficiency and profitability of the country will be. However, women who populate almost half of the world do not fairly favor equal opportunities to play their function in the development of their country. Unfortunately our country, Iran, more or less suffers from this inequity in its both individual and social dimensions. Therefore, the present study aims to delineate socioeconomic factors affecting women’s low income in the Province of Kurdistan, Iran, during 2005-2006). For this purpose the necessary data was gathered via three different questionnaires. The results of the data analyses indicated that women in Kurdistan usually have a marginal role in the society. They have limited jobs. They are usually poor or underpaid and employed in posts unrelated to their expertise and/or academic education, and of no/little interest to them. Sex unfortunately plays a negative role in their income. To alleviate their poverty, unemployment, gender inequity and other socioeconomic injustice, some practical suggestions have been made