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Title: The Instable Web of Spider (a Review in Myths and Literature)
Authors: Kamran Pashaei Fakhri; Rogaye Mahmudivand Bakhtiyari; Parvaneh Adelzadeh
Aff: Department of Persian Literature and Foreign Languages, Tabriz Branch‚ Islamic Azad University, Tabriz, Iran.
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Keywords: Spider in Persian Literature; Spider in Myths; Spider in Quran.
Abstract:In some poetical and literary works, myths and legends and spoken and written piece a creature called “spider” can be traced. We annihilate this wonderful and small creature indifferently while in a surah, Quran refers to hesitation on this wonderful creature for believers and scholars. Although it is considered for its weak webs and architecture of its nest in this surah, but God offers details for solving problems and achieving holistic conclusion for believers. God wants to attract believers’ attention to his magnificence in creation of this small creature. We studied many poetical, literary and mythical works and miracles about spider web and concluded that this creature appears sometimes negatively and deceitful and sometimes positively and acceptable in some myths. This article aims to investigate the positive and negative aspects of spider in myths and Persian literature