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Title: The Relationship between the Features of Entrepreneurial Managers with Organizational Performance in Private School District 2 of Uremia, from the Perspective of Teachers in the School Year of 2012-2013
Authors: Ziba Pourbahram ; Jafar Ghahremani
Aff: Department of educational administration, Marand branch, Islamic Azad university, Marand, Iran
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Keywords: Entrepreneurial Features; Organizational Performance; Managers; Private School
Abstract:The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between entrepreneurial characteristics of managers with their organizational performance in private schools. The present research was an applied one and in relation to how data collected, it is descriptive-correlation one. The subjects included 208 teachers of private schools from Urmia. Measurement tools included an entrepreneurial questionnaire with 50 questions and reliability coefficient of 0.72 and the organizational performance questionnaire with 20 questions and reliability coefficient of 0.87. Data were analyzed by Pearson correlation coefficient, t-test, using SPSS software. Results showed that except for ambiguity tolerance features, other features include innovation, creativity; independency, risk appetite, seeking success, and self- control have positive and significant relationship with organizational performance. Also results indicate that there is no significant difference between managers organizational performance based on demographic features include work experience, age, education level and gender.