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Title: The Relationship between Intellectual Capital Management and Organizational Culture at Islamic Azad University
Authors: Taghipoorzahir Ali; Elham Kaviani
Aff: Department of Educational Administration, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran
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Keywords: Intellectual Capital Management; Human Capital Management; Structure Capital Management; Customer Capital Management; Organizational Culture
Abstract:The present study examined the relationship between intellectual capital management and culture at Islamic Azad University in Kermanshah. This research is descriptive-correlation study. The research population included administrators (university presidents, vice presidents, and managers, etc.) of Islamic Azad University in Kermanshah in 2012.There were 206 people of whom a sample of 126 were selected as the study sample through Stratified random sampling method. The data were collected from intellectual capital management and organizational culture questionnaires. Their validity was calculated through formal, content and structural validity. Their reliability, also, was calculated by Cronbach's alpha. The coefficient for intellectual capital management and organizational culture questionnaires were reported 0.925 and 0.922, respectively. In This study, descriptive statistics and inferential statistics were used to meet the assumptions of statistical methods in the study. Descriptive statistics included the median, mean, standard deviation, and standard deviation error. Inferential statistics included Pearson correlation coefficient and t-test. The results showed a significant positive correlation between intellectual capital management and organizational culture as well as the main component of the intellectual capital management- human capital management, structural capital management, customer capital management- and organizational culture.