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Title: Unilateral Interaction of Human with Nature in Desert Biome-A Dilemma
Authors: Delaram Sikaroudi; Amin Padash; Narges Zaredar
Aff: Department of Environment and Energy, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran
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Keywords: Desert Biome; Desertification; Combating Desertification; Dust Storm; Drought; Desiccation
Abstract:From way back, it has been mentioned several times that behavior of industrial age human with environment cannot be considered ably. Failure of human relationships with nature as a result of development of technology in many cases knowingly or unknowingly leads to environmental imbalances, destruction of various aspects of life and disruption of positive functions in ecosystems on Earth. The degradation process in the second half of the twentieth century and the early years of the new millennium was more than all of the past. In the meanwhile, the reflection of such damages in desert biome has been evident much more than others due to sensitivity and fragility of this kind of ecosystems. The current study is a review on a unilateral interaction of human with desert biome. The authors do their best to examine different challenges faced with decision makers derived from self-interaction of human beings with desert nature. At the end, it is tried to review applied managerial approaches to deal with the challenges, occurred. It is hoped that awareness of the consequences of irresponsible activities is a way to change human nature for future generations.