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Title: Achieving Organizational Effectiveness through TQM Principles in Developing Industry: A Case Study of Palm Oil Mechandising Business in Cross River State
Authors: Rouhollah Mojtahedzadeh; Reza Izadi
Aff: Allameh Mohaddes Noori Institute of Higher Education and PhD student at the university of Mofid, Iran
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Keywords: Organizational Effectiveness; Total Quality Management; (TQM); TQM Principles; Quality; Agroallied Industry
Abstract:Quality has assumed a prominent position as a key driver of success in modern organization and factor for quality improvement. In view of this, the study examined how TQM principles can be adopted to ensure quality products and services to achieve organizational effectiveness in the palm oil business in Cross River State Nigeria. Data were collected by the use of structured questionnaire administered on 110 respondents involved in the business. Data analysis was by means of chi-square (x2) technique at 0.05 level of significance. Results of analysis showed that three TQM principles: continuous improvement, total involvement and purposeful leadership were positively correlated with organizational effectiveness. It was recommended that these principles and the others be adopted by the palm oil merchants so as to improve their product and service quality to ensure improved performance.