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Title: The Role of Local Government Administration Management in South Africa: The Myth, the Paradox, the Challenges and the Way forward
Authors: Rouhollah Mojtahedzadeh ; Reza Izadi
Aff: Allameh Mohaddes Noori Institute of Higher Education and PhD student at the university of Mofid, Iran
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Keywords: Local Government; Myth; Paradox; Problems; Way Out; Administration Management
Abstract:Local government as presently structured in Africa has its challenges that constitute a great hindrance to the realization of its very essence as governance at the grass root. This laudable institution the world over is really finding it difficult to thrive in this part of the globe. It becomes then pertinent to ask if the problem is in the structure, in the dynamics of operation or in the operators. Is there possible way out? These questions this paper sets out to answer with a position that the apparent failure is due to the scientific approach to politics in Africa without consideration to the sitz im leben involving the ontological and epistemological proclivities of the African which would have resulted in “a-home-grown” system that would have been beneficial and relevant to the people, at the same time, yield the desired result of the involvement and mobilization of the grassroots in governance