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Title: Applying a Theoretical Model for Organizational Decision Making Based on School of Intellectual Staff (modernism, Symbolic, Post Modernism)
Authors: Rouhollah Mojtahedzadeh; Reza Izadi
Aff: Allameh Mohaddes Noori Institute of Higher Education and PhD student at the university of Mofid, Iran
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Keywords: Organizational Decision-Making; School of Modernism; Symbolic School; School of Postmodernism; Acceptance of Decisions
Abstract:Decision making and its process have been frequently discussed, but the philosophical underpinning of decision making has been under attention lesser. In this article after reviewing the different models of decision making, the philosophical analysis of decision making discourse from the perspective of modernism, symbolic and postmodernism have been discussed and after comparing the outlooks of these three thought schools by presenting "range of models belonging to any style of decision", the position of each of the models mentioned in above schools have been reviewed. Finally, the writer according to the thought school of staff and according to the range of belonging decision making to each style for the purpose of increasing the acceptance of mangers, the reasonable model of the organization is offered.