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Title: The Rule of School-Based Management in Developing Countries
Authors: Rouhollah Mojtahedzadeh; Fatemeh Sayadmanesh
Aff: Bachelor of Science Candidate at Faculty of Accounting, Islamic Azad University, Nour Branch, Iran
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Keywords: School; Based; Management; School Based Management; SBM
Abstract:For more than 100 years the lack of a school management methodology has been the cause of countless complaints. But it has been only in the last 30 years that efforts have been made to find a solution to this problem. School-based management (SBM) has become a very popular movement over the past decade. The SBM work program emerged out of a need to define the concept more clearly, review the evidence, support impact assessments in various countries, and provide some initial feedback to teams preparing education projects. During the first phase of the SBM work program, the team examined in detail the existing literature on SBM. It focuses on the major issues generally faced by implementers while designing and implementing SBM programs and gives examples from a number of World Bank financed projects from around the world that have SBM components. In addition, it also provides more in-depth analysis of a few country case studies where the process of decentralization of authority to the local-level has taken place over the past decades.