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Title: The Impact of Human Resource Management on Performance of Oil and Gas Industry in Iran
Authors: Rouhollah Mojtahedzadeh ; Reza Izadi
Aff: Allameh Mohaddes Noori Institute of Higher Education and PhD student at the university of Mofid, Iran
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Keywords: Human Resource Management; HRM; Performance; Oil and Gas Industry; Iran
Abstract:The article estimates the impacts of H R M (human resource management) practices on performance in Oil and Gas Industry in Iran. Confirmatory Factor analysis (CFA) was applied to recognize Human Resource Management (HRM) practices. Questionnaire survey was carried out between January-July 2011. Primary data was collected from a sample of 20 randomly selected companies operating in Oil and Gas Industry in Iran. The companies were chosen from the directory of Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resource, Government of Iran. Two hundred questionnaires were dispatched to these companies. A total of 175 filled questionnaires were received with a response rate of 87.5%. The respondents were managers in these companies. A total of 175 managers of 20 randomly selected firms from Oil and Gas Industry responded to self-reported questionnaire that measured five HRM practices and subjective measures of financial performance. Regression analysis indicated a positive and statistically significant association of these practices with performance. The study provides insight to management to use these practices as strategic tool for superior performance, and add to the limited empirical knowledge that exists in Iran context. It is hoped that this paper can provide an academic source for both academicians and managers due to investigate the relationship between Human Resource Management Practices and financial Performance in a systematic manner to increase successful rate of Human Resource Management.