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Title: Efficacy of Entomopathogenic Fungi alone or in Combination with Inorganic Insecticides for Protecting a Broad Bean against Certain Coleopteran Stored Products Beetles in Egypt
Authors: Magda Sabbour
Aff: Pests and Plant Protection Department, National Research Centre, El- Behouth St., P.O. Box 12622, Dokki, Cairo, Egypt
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Keywords: Callosobruchus maculates (F.), Callosobruchus chinensis (L.), Paecilomyes fumosoroseus; Nomuraea Rileyi, Verticillium lecanii, Cab-O-Sil-750 , Cab-O-Sil-500, Diatomaceous Earths
Abstract:The efficacy of three entomopathogenic fungi Paecilomyes fumosoroseus; Nomuraea rileyi and Verticillium lecanii alone and with the combination with Natural diatomaceous (DE) and silica gel Cab- O-500 and Cab -O-750 evaluated against Callosobruchus maculates (F.), Callosobruchus chinensis (L.) (coleoptera: Bruchidae). Results showed that modified diatoms with Calcium hydroxide (Ca-DE) and modified diatoms with Sodium hydroxide (Na-DE) were the highlight treatments against the two tested insects and achieved the highest mortality percentages. C. maculates achieved the highest tolerant to tested DEs. Cab-O-Sil-750 gave highest mortality against C. maculates reached to 88, 50 and 13% at concentrations 1, 0.5 and 0.25, respectively. The fungus P. fumosoroseus was the most effective alone against C . maculates LC50, recorded 149 spore/ml. Ca- DE and Na-DE treatments strongly enhanced the potency of the tested fungi P. fumosoroseus and N. rileyi . Results showed that, C. maculates was susceptible to N. rileyi . Larvae of C. maculates was more tolerant to V. lecanii alone . In most cases, DE combinations with tested fungi had synergistic effects, while in C. maculates modified diatoms with Aluminium hydroxide (Al-DE) decreased the efficacy of V. lecanii. both silica gel and diatoms protected grain better. The egg production was highly suppressed by combination of Ca-DE followed by Na-DE with tested fungi in comparison to untreated control. The combination of Ca-DE/P. fumosoroseus strongly suppressed the number of deposited eggs of C. maculates (98.55.3 eggs/female), in comparison to untreated control (288.69.4 eggs/female). Cab-O-750 with the fungus P. fumosoroseus significantly decreased the mean number of C. chinensis to 96.7 5.2 eggs/ female as compared to 278.6 9.4 in the control. The most effective DEs modification were Ca-DE and Na-DE had insecticidal, repellent and ovicidal effects against tested C. maculates and they had synergistic effects on the potency of tested fungi.