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Title: Artificial Intelligence Design Waterfronts and Particular Places Management to Improve Relationships between People
Authors: Ali Akbar Heidari; Samira Dokohaki; Fatemeh Farhadi ; Mohammad Mohsen Farhadi
Aff: Department of Civil Engineering, Islamic Azad University Yasuj Barnch, Fars, Iran
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Keywords: Fuzzy Logic Theory; Waterfront; Traditional Community; Heritage Site; Striped Methodology; Healthy Community
Abstract:Tourist attraction was used to achieve a stable waterfront, while the fuzzy-logic added intelligence to the select strategy through an automatic selection of the tourist attraction coefficient. This paper examines the relationship between heritage sites, waterfronts, and relationships between people in present-day in urban culture. Urban waterfronts are important and special assets and that, when redeveloped, they often contribute to healthy traditional communities. Waterfronts can serve as a unifying force in a city or town and can be, and often are, a force for community enrichment. Further, vibrant communities are essential for environmental, economic and social advancement. There are several strategy specific principles as a way to improve of usage from particular places and waterfront city. Select and design the best strategy play important role to tourist attraction. Fuzzy logic inference system is used to select the best methodology and based on this research and fuzzy logic method, striped methodology is used to have a best performance.