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Title: Influence of Cropping Systems on Soil Properties in Semi-Arid Conditions of Setif, Algeria
Authors: Mekhlouf A.; Rouag N.; Boukhadra R.; Chenni S.; Fenni M. ; Makhlouf M
Aff: Department of Agronomy, University Ferhat ABBAS, SÚtif 1 - Algeria
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Keywords: Conventional Tillage; No Till; Preceding Crop; Bulk Density; Infiltration; Compaction; Organic Matter
Abstract:The effect of two culture systems, conventional and no till combined the previous crop (lentil and wheat) on soil properties were studied in the experimental site of the station ITGC Setif (Algeria) during the crop year 2011/2012. The results indicate that the no-till system affects positively the variables of soil properties and the organic matter has a rate of 2.89% compared to 2.44% in conventional tillage. If the conventional system has an infiltration of moisture relatively higher than that observed for no till throughout the cycle, the no-tillage is distinguished by a higher storage of moisture at the end of cycle wheat cultivation. The results also indicate that the density (1.44), permeability (22.79cm/h) and soil compaction (12.51kg/cm2) in no-till were significantly higher compared to conventional tillage (1.35, 14.13cm/h, 7.40kg/cm2)) respectively.