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Title: The Effect of Ppd-H1 Gene's SNP 48 Marker on Heading Dates in Natural Populations of Barley from Middle East
Authors: Abdul Wahid Baloch; Ghulam Asghar Baloch; Bakht-u-Nisa Mangan; Imran Ahmad; Weining Song
Aff: College of Horticulture, Northwest A & F University, Yangling, Shaanxi, PR, China
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Keywords: Ppd-H1 Gene; Wild Barley; Landraces Barley; Polymorphism; Days to Heading
Abstract:The flowering at an appropriate time for propagation and survival of any plant species is critical adaptive trait. Ppd-H1 is one of the most important gene which control photoperiod response in natural and landraces barley populations. In previous studies, the polymorphic site that is called SNP 48 marker of Ppd-H1 gene which is located in exon 6 of Ppd-H1, showed significant affects on heading dates in different barley cultivars. In the present study, a segment of 460 base pair successfully amplified and sequenced in 12 natural barley populations which belonged to different geographical areas of Israel and Jordan. Moreover, heading dates also observed among these wild barley populations under field conditions during the growing season of 2010-2011, the days to heading data exhibited a break of 15 days between early and late genotypes. On the basis of results obtained, the early and late genotypes all contained wild allele at SNP 48 and did not show any polymorphisms. It is concluded that there are other factors which are responsible for days to heading rather than only SNP 48 in wild barley populations.