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Title: Effects of Dunaliella Microalgae (Dunaliella salina) on Different Level of IgM Immunoglobulin in Rainbow Trout (Oncrohynchus Mykiss)
Authors: Amaninejad P.; H. Emadi; M. Ematiazjoo; H. Hosseinzadeh Sahhafi
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Keywords: Rainbow Trout; Immunoglobulin; Dunaliella Microalgae (Dunaliella salina)
Abstract:Main purpose of this research was to study the effects of Dunaliella microalgae on immunological and survival changes of the rainbow trout. It was planned to measure the amount of IgM blood immunoglobulin and find out the occurred changes in survival rate of the fish. Rainbow trouts were separated in five groups and were fed with diets containing 0., 5,7 ,9 and 11 grams of pure dried Dunaliella in each kilogram respectively Blood samples were taken from 25 random collected fish, at the end of first and third months of culture and were send to the laboratory to measure immunoglobulin factor. Results indicated that the levels of IgM immunoglobulin in the blood pelasma of those fish fed with Dunaliella aglae had meaningful statistical differences (P<0.05) with those not received any Dunaliella alage. With the increased levels of Dunliella in food, and increased weight, levels of IgM immunoglobulin were also were also increased. Their measured amounts were 10 1 miligram per deciliter of blood pelasma respectively. No mortality was observed in any of the groups, showing good adaptation with feeding conditions. Paying attention to the obtained results, indicate that Dunaliella aglae containing - carotene, has favourable effects on immunology, survival and growth of rainbow trout.