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Title: An Approach to Reduce Authentication Delay after Abrupt Termination of Mobile Node
Authors: K. Regin bose ; V. Sankaranarayanan
Aff: Department of Computer Science and Engineering B.S.Abdur Rahman University, Chennai,600048, Tamil Nadu India
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Keywords: Abrupt Termination; Inter MSC Handover; Authentication Delay
Abstract:In mobile communication the mobile node (MN) can be abruptly disconnected from the network even when the connection is in established state. Then the mobile node is again required to re-establish the connection to be in the network. This is same as establishing a new connection. To avoid the process of connection establishment again, we have introduced an agent called Mobile Information Centre (MIC) along with an MIC Re-Registration Algorithm (MICRRA) for the re - establishment of connection. This MIC is placed within the Mobile Switching Centre (MSC). The algorithm authenticates the mobile node directly from MIC bypassing the home network during the abrupt termination. This re-establishment process reduces the communication overhead by utilizing the previous call-establishment parameters. The data packets received after re-establishment by the old MIC are rerouted to MN through new MIC, and thus avoids the retransmission delays. Security aspects are addressed by dual authentication procedures for the verification of a mobile node. Also mobile identity privacy is preserved without violating the security aspects. The keys used by the algorithm for the re - establishment process are longer in size, which reduces the possibilities of security attacks. Our algorithm saves time by 11%, compared to the existing algorithms. This mechanism reduces network traffic and the packet drops.