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Title: Multiple Attributes Based Secured Sharing of Personal Health Records in Cloud Computing Using Blowfish Algorithm
Authors: Rinesh.S; K. Baskaran
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Keywords: Multiple Attributes Based Encryption; Coarse Grained and Fine Grained Data Access control,Blow Fish Algorithm; Security,encryption; Decryption
Abstract:Personal Health Record (PHR) is a rising patient driven model of health data exchange, which is to be stored at a third party provider like cloud providers. So, there have been wide privacy is important for secure personal health information could be bare to those third party servers. Here blowfish algorithm is used for key generation, encryption and decryption, is more securable and fast data transmission is possible. In order to reduce the risks of privacy exposure, scalability in key management, flexible access, and Multiple Attributes Based key management is used. This Multiple Attribute Based encryption used public and secret key to process the operation. This paper, proposed a novel patient-centric framework Multiple Attributes Based encryption is used in PHR, and this mechanism is for data access Control to PHRs stored in semi trusted servers and also in two domains like Public and private domain, by using this key maintainability is reduced. Blowfish algorithm for fast and secure encryption. To attain fine-grained and adaptable data access control for PHRs, Multiple Attributes-Based encryption (MABE) techniques are used to encrypt each patientís PHR file. The coarse grained access control is used to manage the access requests which allow just constrained data from its inputs. This is attained by arranging the assets into units called access blocks and implementing access control at the cloud just at the granularity of blocks