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Title: Hospital Information Systems Success: Towards an Evaluation Framework
Authors: Haitham Alali; Mohammed Alweshah; Raed Wishah
Aff: Department of Computer Science, Prince Abdullah Bin Ghazi Faculty of Information technology,Al-Salt 19117, Jordan
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Keywords: Hospital Information Systems; Hospital Culture; Evaluation; Success; Adoption
Abstract:Background: the generic presumption related to the success of hospital information systems (HIS) has been debated by a few medical informatics experts. They have pointed out the extensive failure of HIS. Objective: this paper has attempted to develop an improved conceptual base to practically guide the evaluation of the success of hospital information systems. The evaluation of HIS is deemed vital to assure their successful implementation and beneficial effect on the delivery of healthcare; for that reason information systems evaluation theories were reviewed. Results: a novel framework has been introduced for the evaluation of hospital information systems. The proposed framework is based on previous IS evaluation models, specifically, the DeLone and McLean IS Success Model and Technology Acceptance Model, integrated with hospital culture dimension. The paper has discussed the proposed methodology based on the evaluation of the success of VistA HIS in Prince Hussein Hospital and Prince Hamza Hospital in the Jordan. Conclusion: the proposed framework can be potentially used as a tool to conduct better and comprehensive hospital information systems success evaluation.