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Title: BGWA Based Resource Allocation Scheme in WiMAX Relay Networks
Authors: Kavitha; P. ; Umarani; R.
Aff: Bharathiyar Arts & Science College for Women, Department of Computer Science, Kavitha .P, Box.3030. Salem. India.
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Keywords: IEEE 802.16J; Wimax; Unicas; Resource Allocation
Abstract:Background: BGWA Based Resource Allocation Scheme in WiMAX Relay Networks. Objective: WiMAX is an emerging technology that delivers broadband wireless access, wide service coverage and high data rate. The bandwidth management in WiMAX has become a significant issue that requires efficiently assigning the bandwidth among challenging users according to their services and due to its robust wireless channel. When the accessible bandwidth is inadequate, the bandwidth allocation problems are occurring. To maximize the number of userís satisfaction and throughput this paper proposes an efficient resource allocation scheme called Bounded Greedy Weighted Algorithm (BGWA) for bandwidth allocation. The proposed scheme supports unicast mechanism which can be applied to any kind of wireless networks. This method perceptively avoids redundant bandwidth and provide high performance in worst case performance. The performance of the proposed method is estimated by simulation. The simulation results show that the proposed method can allocate resources perfectly and provide better performance than existing method in terms of network throughput and bandwidth utilization. Results: The performance evaluation of the proposed BGWA algorithm is discussed in this section. The proposed algorithm is compared with the optimal algorithm. To solve the 0/1 knapsack problem such as maximizing network throughput and maximizing the number of satisfied users, the optimal algorithm applies the brute force method. To compute the optimal solution to these problems, the optimal algorithm computes all possible combinations of serving SSs. Conclusion: This paper evaluates the bandwidth allocation issue of scalable video unicast transmission in WiMAX relay networks. A bounded greedy weighted algorithm is developed to solve the problems such as maximizing the network throughput and maximizing the number of user satisfaction. Based on the weighted value, the proposed BGWA method makes the local optimal choice instead of computing all possible choices to find a globally optimal solution. This paper theoretically analyzes the worst case performance of BGWA. The estimated results show that the proposed BGWA algorithm provides better network throughput for different number of subscriber station. In future enhancement, the resources will register and then allowed it for route discovery using Call Admission Control (CAC). ~