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Title: A Modified Structured PID Controller for Rocket Engine Gimbal Angle Control System
Authors: R. Sumathi ; M. Usha
Aff: Anna University Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
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Keywords: Setpoint Weighting; PID; FLC; Rocket; Attitude Control; MATLAB/Simulink
Abstract:Rocket is the only vehicle that lift-offs the payload into the space. But, in flight a rocket is subjected to various forces, thrust and aerodynamics. Also, the rocket is a multi-input and multi-output nonlinear system whose dynamics are unstable and poorly understood. So the orientation of the payload in precise position is so critical. Hence, attitude control of the rocket in pitch and yaw axis is a big challenge with real time. This paper presents a hybrid fuzzy-PID controller and a modified structured PID controller to control the gimbal angle of rocket engine during maneuver. The self-tuning fuzzy-PID controller is the combination of a classical PID and fuzzy controller. It is designed based on the expert knowledge of the system. From the response it is clear that the fuzzy-PID controller takes more time to settle in the defined position and provides more error which is not looked-for. A modified structured PID controller based on the two degree of freedom mathematical model is developed to overcome the presence of nonlinearities and uncertainties in the system. In conclusion, this paper compares the performance analysis of both the controllers. The simulation results indicate that the modified PID controller has a remarkable improvement in terms of settling time besides reducing steady state error. The proposed modified structured PID controller enhances the system performance and produces enormous stability to the rocket engineenter>