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Title: Sustainability Issues of Illegal Land Subdivision Development in Asian Cities in the Content of the BEQUEST Framework
Authors: Zakaria Alcheikh Mahmoud Awad; Noor Rosly Hanif; Anuar Bin Alias; Aniza Abdul Aziz; Muhammad Azzam Ismail
Aff: Department of Architecture, Faculty of built Environment, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
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Keywords: Illegal Land Subdivision; Legalization; Sustainable Urban Development; Sustainability; The BEQUEST Framework; Official Attitude
Abstract:In spite of providing housing to a large section of city population, illegal land subdivision is a critical issue facing sustainable urban development in Asia. Regularization of the settlements developed through illegal land subdivision, has become a repeated action by authorities, but rarely reached its goals of legalising the existing settlements and preventing more illegal land subdivision. The subdivision is still taking place around Asian cities producing more settlements that lack basic services and amenities and expected to continue in the future. Analysing illegal land subdivision in Asian cities in the content of the BEQUEST framework reveals a wide range of sustainability issues. Natural resources, environmental pollution and land use are the main dimensions of the environmental issues. Economic issues are related to production, building stock, utilities and finance. Access, safety and security and health and wellbeing are the subject of the social issues. Institutional issues are related to ethical system. Most of the issues have long term effect at the city levelRTzRa