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Title: 3d Model to Educational Multimedia Approach for Simulate Parts of Shock Tunnel
Authors: T. Mohanaad Alnaseeri; H. Amir Alfalahi; A. Mohammed Alzidi
Aff: Department of Engineering of Computer Technology, Ramady, Iraq.
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Keywords: CAL; Multimedia; Shock Tunnel; Interactivity; Engineering Education
Abstract:Background: Computer Aided Learning (CAL) or Computer Assisted Learning can be defined a process of using the computer for the purposes of teaching and learning. Generally CAL employs multimedia technologies for the purpose of making the subject more effective, speeding up the learning process, understanding and enhancing perception of the learners Objective: To develop a user friendly software for education purposes using multimedia technology. Results: student's acceptance level of teaching has been increased using multimedia approach than traditional methods in subject shock tunnel. Conclusion: improve the students' score in Mechanical Engineering Design by using this model into 38% when compared with result of quiz using traditional methods.