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Title: Analysis of Preference Levels of Bank Customers in Terms of Housing Loan
Authors: Ali Serdar Yücel; Murat Korkmaz; Sefer Gümüs; Nur Dilbaz Alacahan
Aff: Faculty of Management, Department of Marketing, İstanbul-Turkey
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Keywords: Bank; Client; Housing; Housing Loan; Preference
Abstract:Background: Housing, which is one of the most significant features of economic and social aspects of life of a society, represents knowledge on development levels of societies while it contributes greatly to the shaping of cities. While housing is of significant importance for the people in terms of satisfying a need in developed countries; namely directly related to the need for housing, in our country housing is considered an investment tool to acquire an income in future namely an income from the rent with the purpose of getting unearned income because of the inadequacy in social security system. Objective: This study was conducted to determine the preference levels of bank customers as to housing loan. Data was gathered from 300 participants. Random sampling technique was utilized in this study. Findings gathered from the questionnaire were analysed using SPSS Statistical Analysis Program. The questionnaire was proved to be reliable since 0,782 reliability value based on “Cronbach’s Alpha” value was obtained as a result of the analysis. Frequency analysis, t-test, variance analysis, reliability analysis and factor analysis methods were used as statistical analysis techniques. Results: The findings of the study revealed that there was no statistically significant difference between housing loan usage levels of bank customers with regards to their gender and marital status. However, a significant difference was observed in the bank type where the loan was received. Considering income levels, bank customers whose income level is 2001 TL and above prefer housing at a high level. Conclusion: At the end of the study it was concluded that income level, interest rates, real estate prices, and so on some factors caused to be prefered the banks for taking loans by the clients.’iè