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Title: Automated and Low Cost Parking System for Vehicles and Obstacle Detection Module for Secure Parking
Authors: Ayush Kumar ; Pallavi Bhamare
Aff: Vellore Institute of Technology, School of Electrical Engineering,Vellore-63201,4Tamil Nadu India
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Keywords: Automated Car Parking System; Use of Basic Digital Circuits; Very Cheap Design; Obstacle Detection Module
Abstract:Background: There is shortage of parking zones and those prevailing are not well organized. Everyone wants to park their vehicle properly, which creates chaos at the parking place. The situation calls out for an automated parking system that not only regulates parking in a given area but also keeps the manual control to a bare minimum. Automated parking is a method of parking and exiting cars using sensing devices. Objective: To have a parking system that regulates the number of cars that can be parked in a given space at any given time based on the parking space availability and also to make the controlling mechanism as inexpensive as possible. Results: The entry and exit of vehicles are facilitated using totally automated gates, which have been provided at the entry and exit of the parking space, which opens on the arrival or departure of a car. Status signals indicate whether a car is currently in the process of entering or leaving the parking space. A display section has been provided, which consists of status signals and a display showing the number of cars present in the parking space at any point of time. It also has a modular design that assists the driver to park the car safely. When the car is not at a safe distance from an obstacle, an alert signal is given to the driver. This module is fitted in the car. Conclusion: Control mechanism uses basic digital circuits which makes the design very cheap. It ensures that the parking process takes place in an orderly manner. It also helps the driver to easily identify the free slots available in a parking area, thereby saving fuel and time.>r Veh