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Title: Turbulent Flow Characteristics in Internally Grooved Pipe
Authors: Putu Wijaya Sunu; I. N.G. Wardana; A.A Sonief; Nurkholis Hamidi
Aff: Department of Mechanical Engineering, Brawijaya University, Malang, East Java, Indonesia
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Keywords: Turbulent Flow Characteristics; Grooves; Pressure Drop; Radial Velocity; Vortices
Abstract:Turbulent flow characteristics in internally grooved pipe have been investigated experimentally. The observation has been done at number of groove of 24, 32 and smooth pipe used as comparison. The results indicate that in the 24 groove, vortices of lesser size than the groove width thereby causing the flow to rotate, increasing both radial velocity and pressure drop. Whereas, in the 32-groove, the vortices diameter is larger than the groove width so that the fluid did not rotate which reduced radial velocity and pressure drop. In this study, the critical conditions were estimated from the time the fluid rotation actually commenced in the smooth pipe (no grooves) which was then correlated to both the 24 groove and 32 groove pipes. Critical conditions occurred when pressure drop reached 240 Pa and the skewness factor of pressure drop changed from negative to positive or vice versa. When critical conditions were correlated to pipe with 24 groove and 32 grooves, it was found that groove arrangement determine the strengthening or weakening of the turbulent flow characteristics.elRTzRa