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Title: Surface Roughness Optimization of Brass Reinforced Epoxy Composite Using CNC Milling Process
Authors: Naeim E. Ahmadi; Ali Gohari; Ali Zare
Aff: Department of Mechanical Engineering, University Tenaga Nasional, Kajang, 43000, Malaysia
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Keywords: Polymer Matrix; Milling; Cutting Parameters; Surface Roughness; Taguchi Design
Abstract:This paper attempts to optimize the effect of cutting parameters on surface roughness of brass reinforced epoxy composite in CNC milling process. Practically, in milling operation, cutting parameters such as feedrate, spindle speed and depth of cut have greater effect on surface roughness. In this experiment, each parameter is determined by two machining levels. Thus, roughness analysis is carried out based on the L-4(23) Taguchi orthogonal array. Then, the effect of cutting parameters on surface roughness is evaluated by analysis of variance and also the optimal mixed-level array of the parameters is determined by using signal to noise ratio.