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Title: Process Based Conditional Maintanence (PBCM) for Multistage Production Systems
Authors: R. Prasanna Lakshmi; P. Nelson Raja; Jaiguru Narayanasamy
Aff: Department of Mechanical Engineering, R.Prasanna Lakshmi, Box.625020.Madurai. India
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Keywords: PBCM,;CBM;AHP,;Water wall
Abstract:Background: In this paper a concept of PROCESS BASED CONDITIONAL MAINTANENCE (PBCM) is introduced which minimizes this time gap between preventive scheduled maintenance and machine utilization. When this system is integrated with ERP then a smooth flow of preventive maintenance can be achieved. Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) is linked with this method to have a decision-aid on PBCM. The idea of the proposed model is to have control over preventive maintenance through process and to minimize the cost incurred in the machines which are not in use. Objective: Process Based Conditional Maintenance (PBCM) methodology calculates this delay time and requirements to find an optimum approach to sequence the preventive maintenance for machines. These problems shall be often found in the areas of fabrication and especially in boiler component manufacturing companies. Results: While considering a boiler component process as a study, it has been noted that the frequency deviation between conventional Preventive maintenance and PBCM is not more but PBCM confirms that all the machines are more conditionally maintained for adjacent processes which in turn reduces hidden process cost. Conclusion: In this paper, only single component of Waterwall is taken into consideration. That is why this process seems to be somewhat simpler. But when PBCM is implemented for all components then it predicted to be more complicated. At that stage there always comes a situation of same machine allotted for several processes. At this critical decision making situation, we utilize AHP as decision making tool and decide which machine to allocate for which process. This shall be next stage of this research work where many brain storming with exerts and hurdle regarding the process control.