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Title: The Analysis of Speed-Degree of Saturation Traffic Flow Model on the Road Reconstruction Project
Authors: Dewa Ketut Sudarsana; Harnen Sulistio; Achmad Wicaksono ; Ludfi Djakfar
Aff: Student at Doctoral Civil Engineering Program, University of Brawijaya, Lecturer at University of Udayana, Indonesia
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Keywords: Road Reconstruction; Negative Impact; Loss of Road User Cost; Speed Model
Abstract:During road reconstruction period, a negative impact was imposed on pollution, loss of road user costs, and social costs surrounding environment. In the US, these losses can be mitigated by using loss of road user cost as the scale in the method of Incentive/Disincentive (I/D) in the contract. The application a loss of road user cost as the I/D method of the contract has not been studied in Indonesia. At first stage, this study specifically developed the vehicle speed model during road reconstruction project execution as an important variable for the calculation of the amount loss of road user cost. The arterial road projectís execution of two lane two way, urban and interurban road type, for fiscal year 2013 were used as a case study. The relationship between the vehicle speed and degree of saturation was analyzed with statistical method. The results obtained from the relationship of the speed-degree of saturation of traffic flow is the exponential model. This model can be used to predict vehicle speed on the road during reconstruction project.íd