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Title: A Feasibility Study for the Use of Bagasse Ash and Silica Fume in Making Concrete
Authors: Radhika Kowsik ; S. Jayanthi
Aff: Department of Civil Engineering, Dr.M.G.R Educational and Research Institute,University,Chennai,Tamil Nadu, India.
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Keywords: Bagasse Ash; Concrete; Hollow Concrete Block; Silica Fume; Compressive Strength; Split Tensile Strength
Abstract:Background:Research on bagasse and its ash have been done more than a decade. Though several researches have been done on the utilization of the bagasse ash in various fields such as fertilizer, adsorbent, construction material, etc., still sugar industry could not find a complete solution to dispose tons and tons of bagasse ash generated every day. Moreover, many sugar industries in developing countries still use open dumping as the final disposal method for sugar cane bagasse ash. Further other industrial wastes like fly ash, blast furnace slag, etc., find commercial usage and profit by selling it out to the construction industry. But researches indicate that bagasse ash utilization is feasible in building materials only if it is burnt around 600oC and at controlled conditions with further processing such as grinding etc.Objective: Hence, this paper investigates the feasibility of using unprocessed bagasse ash obtained calcined by burning bagasse around 1500oC together with silica fume as admixture for various proportions and the strength properties were evaluated. Result:Then with same proportion hollow concrete blocks were casted and tested.Conclusion:The result shows that the addition of 10% of silica fume along with unprocessed bagasse ash replacement gives improved strength properties at all proportions and hence it could provide a commercial feasibility for the bagasse ash disposal.