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Title: Checklist of some Botanicals Used in Novelty Medicine in a Derived Savannah
Authors: Kadiri; Mukaila.; Ojewumi; Anthony Wale.; Afuape; Abolaji Olajumoke; Yahaya; Mustapha; Bala; Sidi Aliyu
Aff: Department of Biological Science, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun, State, Nigeria. PM.B. 2240.Abeokuta, Nigeria
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Keywords: Botanicals; Herbal Preparation; Ethno-Botanical Data; Novelty Medicine; Treatment Recipe
Abstract:A total of 210 questionnaires were used by stratified random sampling method; 70 on farmers, 70 farmers and traditional healers and the other 70 on herbal material sellers. Plants were arranged alphabetically by their scientific name, common name, local name and family. 93 medicinal plants belonging to 51 families were collated from various habitats. Highest plant species were recorded in families Euphorbiaceae followed by Liliaceae, Annonaceae, Apocynaceae, Solanaceae, Caesalpiniaceae, Zingiberaceae, Rutaceae and Sapotacea. Leaves, barks, fruits, seeds, roots, bulbs, rhizomes and pods singly and combination were plant parts reported. The most frequent methods of preparation mentioned were decoction, infusion, maceration, powder and chewing. The herbal preparations were administered by oral application, topical application, bathing and inhalation of vapour(steam) of the preparations