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Title: The Wage of Employee: The Difference between State Enterprise and Non-State Enterprise in Viet Nam by Perspective of Human Resource Management
Authors: Nguyen Thi Lac Thu; XiaoXiang; Nguyen Ngoc Phuong
Aff: Business School of Human Normal University, Changsha, 410081, China.
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Keywords: Human Resources Management; Wage; Working Efficiency; Non; State Enterprise; State Enterprise
Abstract:The aim of this paper is study the difference of wage system of employee between State enterprise and non - State enterprise sector. Through data analysis, we concluded that the public sector wage system still formalism, grade and based primarily on seniority. Whereas the private sector wage system closely held and based primarily on the efficiency of labour. In the same qualification, income of employees in the private sector will be higher than the public sector. Because wage was considered one of the instruments to be administrators use to promote working efficiency of employees. Therefore, we study the differenece between two wage systems base on perspective Human Resource Management (HRM) to analyze how that these differences affects to working efficiency, give opinion and evaluation. Huong Giang’s travel company in Ho Chi Minh City was selected which is the non - State enterprise sector and State enterprise sector was investigated based on data overview of Viet Nam.