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Title: Computer Aided Language Teaching
Authors: C. Chamundeshwari ; R. Ganesan
Aff: Assistant professor &Head Department of English mahendra college of Engineering Minnanpalli, Salem, 636106, Tamil Nadu India
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Keywords: Computer Aided Language Training; E-Learning; Traditional Training & Multimedia and Communication Technology
Abstract:Teaching and learning are no longer limited within traditional classrooms, while computer aided language teaching (CALT) or E-learning has become one of the powerful supporting tools in the educational field. CALT has widened the traditional context of learning in colleges and universities. It is a rapid growing technology and aims to provide a platform that integrates learning material, tools, and services into a key in order to create and deliver training or education quickly, effectively, and economically. Now-a-days thousands of online courses are being offered. Not only can instructional material be made available on the web but online collaborative learning and discussions can also take place. The powerful tool used in CALT is videos sharing, forums, blogs, conference (many user integrated lively through the internet). It can provide information in an attractive and reliable manner. However, the instructional video used in traditional trainings was primarily either broadcasted through TV programs or stored on CD-ROMs. These traditional training instructions produced inconsistent results. Innovations in multimedia and communication technologies have resulted in powerful learning systems with instructional video streaming in live. The advent of non-linear, interactive digital video technology allows students to interact with the instructor. This may enhance learner involvement, and so gradually improves their learning effectiveness. A key aspect of interactive video is random access to video content that is users can select or play a segment with minimal search time. In this research, we are focusing on computer aided language teaching to enhance the educational field to the next level, since their importance in the current decade is highly prioritized to the human growth and the societal growth.l