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Title: The Determination of Anna Varieties Apple Juice Beverage Standard Process on Micro and Small Scale Enterprises
Authors: Siti Asmaul M; Surachman; Pratikto; Imam Santoso
Aff: Doctorate Program Student, Management and Industrial Engineering, Engineering Faculty, Brawijaya University, East Java 65145, Indonesia
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Keywords: Apple Juice; Standards; Processes; Anna
Abstract:The purpose of this study is to determine the standard process in the production of Apple Juice drink from Anna Apple varieties on small micro enterprises (MSEs) in Batu. The study sample was small micro enterprises that produce apple juice from Anna apple varieties. The analysis method is by assessing the organoleptic and laboratory analysis through the effectiveness value and the multiple attributes. The results show that the standard setting process based on the development of the optimal formula of apple juice has a connection with the fruit grade, the preservatives addition level, the pasteurization conditions, and also the apple juice quality would be better if the apple grade is better by indicating the apple ripe level and the Apple maximum flavor. The result novelty of this research is a standard process for apple juice production using Anna varieties on small micro-scale enterprises. This research result is strengthening Nourís research result (Nour et al., 2010) which has done a research comparing the nutritional characteristics of different varieties of apples grown in Romania. This weakness of this study is on the indicators used on the apple juice standard quality which is still limited on the organoleptic assessment and the microbes total amount, so that this research could be continue and expand by adding some more indicators such as the mineral content, vitamin C amount and more specific microbes detectionng