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Title: Workspace Planning Process Model for Industrialised Building System Projects
Authors: Mhd Azmin Mat Seman; Mohd HanizunHanafi; Shardy Abdullah
Aff: Universiti Sains Malaysia, Construction Management Department , School of Housing, Building, and Planning, 11800 Penang, Malaysia
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Keywords: Workspace Planning; Workspace Planning Process Model; Industrialised Building System
Abstract:Background: The method of conventional construction activity planning has not been able to provide space panning requirements at the constructions sites. This is also the case for the existing space planning technique which does not offer full solution in considering the types of the construction method as in the IBS. This planning technique also necessitates highly-skilled users, the use of technology system application techniques and complex mathematical formula causing it to be less practiced in the IBS construction environment and easier and more effective space planning technique. Objective:Therefore, this study has focused on the workspace planning process model development towards the implementation of the IBS construction projects. Results: The proposal for the workspace planning model has been established in the form of short-term documentation. It is constructed through a combination of quantitative and qualitative findings basing them on the brainstorming of various ideas of the planners involved directly at the site. Five stages of the planning process have been arranged by accounting for the aspect of the space-type and methods of solution for the interference and workspace conflicts at the site, in a systematic way, and which is able to help the contractors mitigate these problems at the site. The content of the model constructed is evaluated by nine experts from various fields via face-to-face interviews using a questionnaire form. Conclusion: Positive feedback from all the members of the panel depicts the conclusion that the model content is capable of providing a detailed, comprehensive, all-round, and applicable workspace planning for the actual IBS construction environment.