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Title: The Passage from a Transport Carrier into a Logistic Operator: A Brazilian Case
Authors: Gabriel Sperandio Milan; Eric Charles Henri Dorion; Tânia Craco; Deonir De Toni ; Carlos Alberto Costa
Aff: Graduate Program of Business Administration, University of Caxias do Sul, Rua Francisco Getúlio Vargas, 1130, Caxias do Sul (RS), Brazil - CEP 95070-560
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Keywords: Transport Carrier; Logistics Operator; Logistic; Strategy; Value Added; Customer Service
Abstract:The paper aims to explore a leading logistics company of the region of Caxias do Sul (RS). It refers to its transformation and its business configuration, from a traditional carrier into a logistics operator. The case study explores the structure, the development and the evolution of this transformation process of company. The data collection included semi-structured in depth individual interviews, a documentary research and content analysis practices. The study provides empirical insights about the upgrading of the quality of its services, through long-term relationships with its customers, increased its competitiveness. It reflected in greater credibility and into an expansion of the range of its services, resulting in an increase of its revenues and profitability and an edge toward the competition. The paper includes implications for a transformation that has established a new partnership paradigm with long-term relationships, showing a clear path of value added to customers of the company.