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Title: The Effects of Brand Image on Customer Attitude and Purchasing Behavior (Carrefour Chain Stores)
Authors: Zohre Hosseini; Sreeenivasan Jayashree; Chinnasamy Malarvizhi
Aff: Multimedia University, Graduate School of Management, Cyberjaya 63100, Malaysia
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Keywords: Brand Image; Customer Attitude; Brand Equity
Abstract:A general definition of brand image should be presented for its identification. Most of the researchers argue that the image is a defined vague term which is associated to the feelings, emotions or effects under the sensory threshold. Like other factors in marketing, not only designing the image is obtained through the logic and systematic methods, but also this achievement is a basic measure. To do this, a person should think in a practical way and study all elements which make the images and then design an image which is both attractive and satisfactory for consumers. This study is applied in terms of objectives, and descriptive-survey in terms of data collection. A questionnaire with closed questions, rated from very high to too low according to five-point Likert scale, was applied for data collection. The data analysis was done through SPSS software. Thespatial domain of research includes all Carrefour chain stores in Malaysia. The time domain of research was in 2013. The statistical population of this study was randomly selected from Carrefour chain stores' purchasers. Sampling method in this research had the cluster type and the content validity method was applied in order to determine the validity. Cronbach's alpha method determined the research reliability. The total computational alpha was obtained equal to 0.84. The analysis of factor based on application of VPLS software was applied in order to determine the relationships between variables and their correlation coefficients. According to the measured structural equation modeling, the coefficient of determination for the brand image was obtained R=0.921 and the coefficient of determination for the customer attitude equal to R= 0.824. According to the main result of this study, there is a direct and significant relationship between the brand image frames and the customer attitude in Carrefour chain stores. Furthermore, the variables such as brand awareness, association, perceived quality, and brand loyalty have the significant direct relationship with the customer attitude with coefficients of 0.536, 0.318, 0.434, 0.631 and 0.714, respectively, and also the variables such as the emotional, economic and the operational values have the significant direct relationship with the brand image with the coefficients of 0.224, 0.419, and 0.357, respectively from Carrefour chain stores customers' perspective. These factors are ranked in the following order: Brand awareness, loyalty, equity, perceived quality, and brand associatione