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Title: Application of the RBV as a Tool for Obtaining Competitive Advantages in a Metallurgic Company
Authors: Cassiano Daniel Bridi; Tânia Craco; Uiliam Hahn Biegelmeyer; Maria Emilia Camargo; Vilmar Antonio Gonçalves Tondolo
Aff: University of Caxias do Sul, Graduate Program in Management, Caxias do Sul- Brasil
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Keywords: Competitive Differentials; Network of Resources; Relationship Marketing
Abstract:This article is the result of a studied case realized in a metallurgic company located in Rio Grande do Sul that considered the Relationship Marketing, Sales, Financial Services, Product Design and the Resale Value as resources responsible for building a business model that adds value to the customer, having them as competitive differentials. Based on that, was elaborated a framework constituted by interconnection between the resources of the company, showing how this alliance is a successful model. The results demonstrate the importance that the network of internal resources represents in obtaining competitive advantages. In fact, the true differential of this company is the people who are inserted and run their processes in the best possible way and feel able to suggest improvements. However, for these benefits are identified, it is essential that the management is committed and committed to ensure the best conditions for their employees, so that these talents are directed to this purpose. Invest in training and qualification of personnel is an important way to enhance the internal resources. The model of RBV, even that has not yet been fully consolidated in academic area, proved to be an important tool, applied perfectly and makes it possible to obtain a competitive advantage in a market inflamed, as the company Alfa S/A is insertgColo