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Title: Implication of Management Policies in Indian Knowledge Based Industries
Authors: C. Swarnalatha ; S. Raja lakshmi
Aff: Department of Management Studies, Anna University, Regional Centre-Madurai, Madurai-625002, Tamilnadu, India
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Keywords: Industry; Employees; Management Policy; Work Life Balance
Abstract:The changing faces of industries and the increased expectation of employees in corporate is the emerging challenge to be handled with care. Management Policy designed to help employees balance their work and personal lives are not only an option but also a necessity for many employers. There is a need for industries to adopt strategies and policy that associate the work and non-work needs of a diverse workforce in the current business environment. This paper aims to study the management policies to promote work life balance of employees and to trace out the category wise differences in the management policy for work life balance. The study carried out among 30 technical institutions, categorized under three forms Government, Government aided and Self -financing institutions. The results reveal the commonalities and differences in work-life balance provisions across the three category of institutiont